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NFZ Editor 3.1 Beta0

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RU EN DE NFZ Editor 3.1 Beta0 751 781 02.04.2011
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By Thomas Breier, Heiko Schneider, Michael Kümmling
15 446 06.04.2011


NFZ Editor is a program for creating and editing vehicles for BAHN. Current version is compatible with BAHN 3.85r3 and newer.

Differences from previous version (3.0 Beta2):

  • Support of Zoom4 graphics (for 4:1 scale);
  • Support of additional views: when moving backwards, door opening on stops.
  • Unicode is used in all files (except description of NFZ file — this is NFZ format restriction);
  • Known bugs fixed.

Bug reports are accepting to the following e-mail:

Program author: Alexander Konov. Program distribution is free.


© Alexander Konov, Ivan Sadovskiy, 2003—2011