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NFZ Editor 3.0 Beta2 (obsolete)

Russian version of this page

This program version is obsolete. Do not use it. Download the latest version.

NFZ Editor 3.0 Beta2

  File Description Bytes Date
RU nfz3b2ru.exe NFZ Editor 3.0 Beta2 (Russian) 674 605 27.01.2008
EN nfz3b2en.exe NFZ Editor 3.0 Beta2 (English) 673 456 27.01.2008
DE German text resources for NFZ Editor 3.0 Beta2
By Thomas Breier, Heiko Schneider, Michael Kümmling
3 175 27.01.2008
PL Polish text resources for NFZ Editor 3.0 Beta2
By Łukasz M. P. Pastuszczak
3 276 11.02.2008


NFZ Editor is a program for creating and editing vehicle graphics of 1:1 scale (*.nfz files) and 2:1 (Zoom2, *.fzz) for BAHN 3.83 and newer.

Features of .nfz format:

  • 24/32-bit color palette.
  • Vehicle size changing possible in any time, not only when creating. Sizes change with step in 1 pixel (length - 2 pixels).
  • More realistic view of coupled vehicles by using separate views for roof and front/back.
  • Additional front and rear views for light changing.
  • 5 info strings for each vehicle (max. 80 cars each).
  • Up to 3 steam/smoke positions per vehicle.

Bug reports are accepting to the following e-mail:

Program author: Alexander Konov. Program distribution is free.


© Alexander Konov, Ivan Sadovskiy, 2003—2011